Wednesday, February 09, 2011

A Readmissions Data Model, Mk I

So this post continues the thoughts in one of my previous posts about designing a OLAP cube to analyze all cause readmissions. The E-R Diagram above shows my first pass at a star schema to answer these questions. To be totally honest I consider this one of my worst designs ever which is one reason I didn't put a lot of work into cleaning up the lines on this one.

My major issue with this first pass is that it doesn't allow for analysis of anything other than 7 day and 30 day metrics, it is currently incapable of providing a breakdown of readmissions by the delta between index discharge and readmission. Also a major functional issue of this model is that if a user mistakenly includes 7 day metrics with a 30 day dimension it will return results that are completely invalid (Although technically correct to computer).

So after deciding that this is completely unsustainable I've started working on rewriting this entire piece. I've actually contacted with a great Data Modeler to help us prepare for this among other projects. So today I just want to get this back out there and maybe get some of the folks who have been following this thread to comment and let me know their thoughts on designing this, and I will hopefully continue to share what I have found and built for this project here to continue spuring on discussion of this topic.

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