Saturday, September 13, 2008

West Forge: My New Layout

So as I've said before I chose my new trackplan recently. The choice was influenced by a few factors.

  1. I wanted a continuous loop for just running something around and around.
  2. I wanted some spurs to have some type of switching action.
  3. I wanted a passenger station, a signal/Interlock tower and an industry.
  4. It needs to be a small table top layout that I can move around the house right now as we are still doing lots of work on the house (and will be for the foreseeable future).
  5. It needs to be affordable, I am working on paying stuff off and just getting by. I had to dig into my savings account for the money for my GG1 and I don't' want to wipe out my savings on a layout (tempting as it may be).
  6. Considering item #5 above if needed to use as much of the track, equipment and supplies that I already had on hand.
  7. A layout that is somewhat expandable is a large bonus.
After all that I found a nice 2x3 layout on a site in my bookmarks. It fit the bill of giving me something small that I could pull out of a closet set up quickly on a table and run some trains either for myself or my kids. Here is the basic track plan:

The basic premise is that this is set near the town of West Forge, PA, a small rural part of Pennsylvania served by a branch of the PRR. The lower track is the branch line coming in from the PRR mainline it is where set outs will be made for any operations and it is where I hope to later expand this layout with a wraparound shelf that could go along a wall.

Over the next few days I will post additional pictures of the construction that has occurred until I get caught up with where I am now at.

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