Wednesday, March 05, 2008

A Practice Layout

Well a lot has changed since I started thinking about my next layout. Kato has released the date June 2008 as the release of their new N Scale GG1 locomotive. Sort of helping me to decide how I want to proceed with my own layout. I will be picking up one unless some major bills come up between now and then, and I'll probably look into getting their Broadway Limited car set to go along with it later on.

Also, since then the model railroading class I have been taking has come to end and they have announced a sort of "graduate" session. Those of us wanting to continue on can join the museum as probationary members and participate in the building of a new modular layout. It will be HO scale and designed for transporting to other locations for shows, but still a very cool project. I'll be heading down there tonight to turn in my application and start participating. I figure that this is a great chance to spend some time learning more about the hobby before I dive in and start buying supplies. Plus if all goes well I'll have some time to run trains with the folks at the museum, which I hope will help me decide what aspects of railroading I really want to model.

All in all for the $15 membership fee and 18hours of service required I can't complain. It is certainly worth my time to build something with other more knowledgeable modelers. They are providing all the materials and guidance which means it's unlikely that I'll screw up any major components that would cost me a lot of money to replace.